Terms & Conditions

1: Quotations

Quotes are valid for 30 days from date of issue. For orders sent after this 30 day period the quote can be amended to allow for any changes in costs if required.

Quotes are supplied based on any information supplied by the client regarding the project is factual and accurate. Approval of a quote and placing an order the client then enters into a contract with Jimmy Jarvis Trade Installations. It is the responsibility of the client to have read, understood and accepted these terms and conditions. Quoted pricing is subject to change based on site surveys, changes to methodology and quantities over the course of the project, on-site conditions during install and any other unforeseen conditions.

2: Site Surveys

Before commencement of a project or prior to quoting, a site survey may be required for more accurately determine installation/manufacture methodology and foresee potential installation issues. In such a scenario, the client will be notified and a fee will be charged accordingly. If JJTI complete a site survey we will assume responsibility for the accuracy of measurements. If surveys have been conducted by the client and/or any representatives or sub-contractor of the client, JJTI accept no liability for the correctness of this information.

3: Installation, Access and Permits

JJTI will notify the client of when access will be required to the site in order to meet the required completion date for install. If the client is unable to provide access to site by this date, JJTI must be notified in writing and provisions must be made for either an extended completion or additional labour or working hours which may incur additional costs. These costs are to be agreed in writing prior to starting. If JJTI are denied access to a site at a previously arranged and agreed-upon entry time, the client will be charged in full for the lost labour and transportation time in addition to the installation costs involved with returning to finish the works. Costs may also include any hired in plant or additional costs as incurred.

If the site conditions have changed from survey in such a way as to hinder the agreed method of installation there may be costs incurred relating to additional hire costs and or additional site visits. All these additional costs are to be agreed before any works are undertaken.

JJTI operate standard working hours from 8am to 5pm Monday to Friday.
Works can be completed outside of these hours but must be agreed in writing with agreed costs.

JJTI does not take responsibility for on-site factors outside of our control and the effect these may have on the completion date. JJTI will engage with the client to resolve the issues and agree on any additional costs that may be incurred to the satisfaction of both parties.

4: Payment, Late Payments and Unpaid Projects

For all new clients and clients without an account JJTI will require payment in advance before any works are undertaken.
All accounts will be given a credit limit.
All invoices to trade accounts must be paid in full within thirty days month end. This time-frame is inclusive of weekends and public holidays.
JJTI have the right to cancel, amend or suspend any trade account, in the event an agreed credit limit is reached the account will suspended until such time as it is brought within the agreed limit.

5: Cancellation and Termination

JJTI reserves the right to terminate this agreement and permanently suspend works. In such a case the client will be invoiced for any and all labour, material and hire costs associated with works already performed for the project. Failure to pay this invoice within the agreed terms may result in legal action. Deposits paid toward the cancelled project will be taken into account and remaining costs will be applied to the invoice accordingly.

Any disputes against invoices for completed works must be sent in writing within 5 working days of receipt of invoice. This notice must include the reasons for the query and any supporting evidence relating to the completed works. Any current dispute regarding an invoice or invoices does not entitle the client to withhold, deduct from or otherwise delay payment on any other outstanding invoices. If a dispute is related to only a subsection of an invoice, the client is not entitled to withhold payment on the remaining balance due.

6: Warranty Information

JJTI agrees to warrant the works completed for a period of twelve months from the date of installation. The Warranty does not apply to any defects, failure or damage caused by improper use and maintenance of supplied signs and their infrastructure, vandalism, or any other unavoidable occurrences. Damages caused by failure of existing (or previously manufactured) infrastructure or componentry including footings is not covered. Alterations to any sign or its surrounding infrastructure will void this warranty, except where works have been carried out by JJTI

The warranty only covers repair or replacement warranted labour directly involved in returning the sign to its warranted condition. Equipment hire or any other additional costs are not covered by this warranty.

7: Defects and Claims

Any defects discovered by the client during the warranty period must be fully documented and a report is to be sent to JJTI outlining the nature of the defects. This report should be by email or in writing, and must contain the following information (supplied for each individual defect):-

  • Sign type
  • Location (if applicable)
  • Photographs of sign in its entirety (for identification purposes) and relevant close up of defects
  • All relevant defect details

This report must be sent whilst still within the warranty period. If the report is sent outside of the warranted period, the report will be treated as if the defect itself has occurred outside of warranty. A JJTI representative will be assigned to the defect case to investigate and will acknowledge receipt of the report within two business days. JJTI will respond within an agreed time-frame to the claim. If the defect is agreed to be caused by faulty workmanship of JJTI, an agreed timescale will be reached for JJTI to complete any required works to rectify the issue.

This response will be provided to the client in writing, the time-frame within which will be determined at acknowledgement of receipt, taking into account all relevant factors such as urgency of repairs, current scheduling, defect type and quantity, site access requirements and project deadlines where applicable. Should the fault or defect be tampered with or attempted repairs completed by outside parties leading to any claim made will be null and void. Any costs relating to the third party will be the responsibility of the client.

Where a defect report has been investigated and the issues have been found to not be the fault of JJTI any costs relating to this including access hire and associated labour and travel costs will be invoiced in full to the client.

These terms and conditions of sale apply to all customers of JJTI and its designated representatives. By placing an order and/or approving a job for installation the client is deemed to have understood and accepted all terms as listed on this document, whether a signed approval has been supplied or not.

If these terms are not accepted by the client, this must be documented in writing and amendments discussed and agreed in writing with the JJTI before any works are started. Any amendments to this document are made on a per-project basis, and must be signed by both parties. Acceptance of an amended set of terms and conditions by JJTI on a specific project does not automatically guarantee acceptance of such on subsequent projects. Once accepted, these terms and conditions, and any amended set, are legally binding and any amendments can only be made with the expressed written consent of JJTI.