McCain Scarborough: Window black out

A very simple installation of block out vinyl to glazing.

This area is the new Research & Design facility being re-furbished and certain areas needed to blocked off from prying eyes, which is where we came in.

It is always the simple jobs that can go wrong if not treated with the care they deserve. The windows were filthy dirty and had a coating of dust, grease and other unrecognisable detrius stuck to them.

Carefully scraping the windows and cleaning with a high end solvent cleaner we managed to get the windows perfectly clean, with nothing on them to show up once the vinyl was applied. We then double checked this with a UV light to highlight any areas overlooked.

Trimmed back to leave a very small gap around the edges, the vinyl is exactly what the client wanted and they were delighted with the finished job.

To save an hour cleaning and rushing the job it would have resulted in a poor finish and most likely the vinyl peeling off in a short period. Well worth the extra time it took ensuring a quality installation.

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