Case Studies

VW Belfast:

When our client approached us to recommend and install internally illuminated signage we opted for a backlit tensioned fabric system.

We advised the best place to buy from and the required specification.

After a long drive and a thankfully smooth crossing on the ferry we landed in Belfast and headed straight to the job.

Once tested and working the client gave the new sign a thorough inspection before signing it off.

We had great feedback from them following the job and were delighted with the end result.

Burnley Banner:

After contact from our client regarding this installation we advised on how to prepare the scaffold to give the best finish when the banner was in place.

Once the scaffold was ready we installed this 30m x 8.5m banner with bungee cord to give the best finish and help withstand high winds.

Client was very grateful for our input resulting in a great finish.

Burton House:

A simple job under normal circumstances but when fixing through a solid granite fascia, simple becomes difficult.

When our client attempted to install these letters all he got was a set of blunt bits and little more.

There isn’t a quick way to do this but with patience and the right combination of drills and bits we managed to get the text up and even cleaned the fascia for them.

End result: a very satisfied customer and great looking fascia.

Astel Retail Park: Bromwich

Flex faced signs by nature are usually big beasts.

This one was installed in Astel retail Park West Bromwich.

We were surpised to be allowed to work during the day but following a rigourous H&S evaluation we came up with a safe system of work to protect the public and allow us to install during daylight hours.

The case of the sign is secured to round hollow section steel with collars at either end. To get a flat finish we fabricated brackets that were bolted through the steel to give us a strong and flat surface to fix to.

The client hadn’t got the power supply in place so we made sure the sign was tested and working before putting the face on and left a tail out to make life easier for his electrician.

On a high note we were spoiled with regular cups of tea from the staff who were lovely to deal with on a bitterly cold winters morning.

JJTI are experts in all sysems of flex faced signs and can install anywhere in the country.

McCain Scarborough: Window black out

A very simple installation of block out vinyl to glazing.

This area is the new Research & Design facility being re-furbished and certain areas needed to blocked off from prying eyes, which is where we came in.

It is always the simple jobs that can go wrong if not treated with the care they deserve. The windows were filthy dirty and had a coating of dust, grease and other unrecognisable detrius stuck to them.

Carefully scraping the windows and cleaning with a high end solvent cleaner we managed to get the windows perfectly clean, with nothing on them to show up once the vinyl was applied. We then double checked this with a UV light to highlight any areas overlooked.

Trimmed back to leave a very small gap around the edges, the vinyl is exactly what the client wanted and they were delighted with the finished job.

To save an hour cleaning and rushing the job it would have resulted in a poor finish and most likely the vinyl peeling off in a short period. Well worth the extra time it took ensuring a quality installation.

Royal Mail Depot: Cardiff

A great example of how simple reapeating patterns can take a dull wall area and make it spring to life.

A simple brick pattern applied direct to the plastered wall using WW300 high tack wall vinyl with a matt laminate.

At the same premises – Another great example of a simple idea brightening up a plain wall. Using the artwork supplied by the client we re-touched and amended to fit. Took down the TV and dry wipe panel and re fitted once the graphic was in place.